Our Event Stylists

Our approach is personal, creative, insightful and experienced. We can walk you through every step of the process, helping you choose table settings, lighting designs and colour palettes. 

Each venue and setting requires something unique. Each celebration is bursting with delicious possibilities. Onkoi is set up so that you can use us as a prop hire company, or tap into our expertise by enlisting the help of one of our stylists.

Event design is our bread and butter. It's the alchemy of transforming a beautiful setting into something bespoke for you, and the reason why we set up Onkoi.

If you'd like to get in touch to see how we can help please give us a ring on or send us an email hello@onkoi.co.uk.

  • Creative Designers

    Creative Designers

  • Totally Bespoke To You

    Totally Bespoke To You

  • Hanging Displays

    Hanging Displays

  • Handy and Practical

    Handy and Practical

Colourful Flower Curtain

Simple Pink Place Setting

Water Carafes

Table setting using Ikebana Floral Displays

Large Ikebana Flower Arrangement

Orange And Green Colour Palette

Rustic Themed Place Setting

Intimate Table Setting | Styled by Onkoi and BG