Terms & Conditions

  • Please find attached here our Terms & Conditions of Hire. Adherence to these T's & C's  will hopefully make hiring from Onkoi by Brookman Greene an enjoyable experience for both of us, and as seamless as possible. Thank you.


  • The "Supplier" means Brookman Greene Ltd and Onkoi
  • The "Customer" is the person or company hiring the equipment from the Supplier and whose name is on the invoice.
  • The “Deposit” means the total payable to secure the hire goods.
  • The “Damage Deposit” means the advance payment made by the Customer and held as collateral by the Supplier
  • The “Hire goods” mean any equipment, furniture, props or article together with any accessories provided by the Supplier as detailed in the contract, and hired to the Customer
  • The “Hire period” means the period of time set out in the quotation which commences as soon as the Customer signs for the goods and ends when the Supplier collects the goods or goods are delivered back to the Supplier.
  • The “Hire price” means the price set out in the quote, paid by the Customer in connection with the supply of the hire goods or service.
  • “Rental” means the Hire price of the Hire goods for the Hire period.
  • “Service” means delivery, installation and styling as requested by the Customer, and final collection of the goods from the venue by the Supplier, or acceptance of the hire goods back onto our premises. These services are not included in our basic hire prices.
  • “Liability” means complete responsibility for the condition of the Hire equipment including without limitation, loss or damage.
  • “Force Majeure” means any unforeseen incident that occurs that is completely outside the control of the Supplier

General Terms

  • These terms are binding.
  • By accepting the booking and confirming the hire you are agreeing to the terms laid out irrespective of whether this document is signed or not (delivery of goods signifies agreement to terms outlined within this document).
  • All quoted prices are subject to a standard rate of VAT @ 20%
  • Quoted prices are valid for 1 month (including any agreed discounts). After this period if you, the Customer, have not paid your deposit, your order may be subject to price increases.
  • Bookings without a confirmation will not be reserved
  • The payment from the Customer to the Supplier is in no way affected by the Customer and its payment terms from its end client.
  • All monies need to be as cleared funds in advance of delivery by the Supplier or collection by the Customer from the Suppliers premises.
  • It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure all Hire Goods listed on the invoice are correct. Please check your invoice and notify Onkoi if any amendments are required.
  • The Customer’s statutory rights are not limited either by the Contract or the Terms and Conditions
  • Onkoi reserves the right to publish the names of their Customers at an event or in suitable promotional material (including their website) subject to the prior written consent of the Customer.
  • Onkoi reserves the right to use photographic images of events staged at the premises in suitable promotional material (including their website) subject to the prior written consent of the Customer.
  • At no point within the hire period can the Customer lay any claim to ownership of any of the Suppliers items. All items are hired in and as such, cannot be used for any form of payment to bayliffs / venues / or anyone to whom the Customer owes outstanding monies to. Any hire items removed or used in this manner will be charged at full rate to the Customer’s business account.

Hire Period

  • Standard hire rates are for a 3 day period from delivery to the Customer (or collection by the Customer/ Courier) commencing when the hire goods are signed for.
  • Onkoi can easily accommodate longer hire periods and this needs to be discussed and quoted for on an individual basis.  Hire periods cannot be extended without prior arrangement with Brookman Greene Ltd, and confirmed in writing.

Confirming the order and Payment of Services

  • Once a quote has been agreed, the Customer will be sent a Confirmation of Services to sign and this will form the basis of the agreement.
  • No items are held without the Customer’s signature on the Confirmation of contracted services.
  • You can cancel this agreement by email, during a 14-business day cooling-off period, (which starts on the date of the signed Confirmation).
  • Following completion of the Signed Confirmation of Services document, a deposit of 50% of the total hire cost (including transport/restocking fees/ installation if booked) will be payable within 14 days, to confirm the order. VAT will also be added. Upon receipt of this, we will reserve your hire goods for you.  This is a non-refundable payment.  If no deposit payment is received within 14 days then the hire goods will no longer be reserved for this contract.
  • The remaining balance is payable 30 days before the event. Failure to place cleared funds within the Suppliers account prior to the event will render the contract void
  • The Supplier will accept payment of the Hire Price by BACS or CHAPS transfer. Please allow at least 4 working days for BACS or via a credit card.
  • All Goods and Services are subject to VAT at the standard rate
  • Confirmed orders can be amended up to 1 month before your event date if a deposit to secure the hire goods has been received. Onkoi will always try to accommodate last minute changes to the order where possible.
  • The Supplier may ask for a refundable security deposit to cover loss or damage to hire goods at the Suppliers’ discretion.
  • Seasonal minimum spend policies apply in both the peak season (May-September) and the low season (October-April). Minimum spend excludes VAT and additional charges. Orders below the minimum spend will not be eligible for delivery by the Onkoi team but can still be booked subject to the Customer arranging their own transport or their own courier to collect.


Late Payment and Terms

  • Invoices are due for payment within 7 days of issue. Late payment or non-payment may result in the order being cancelled and any part payment or deposit being forfeited by the Customer to cover costs and lost sales.
  • The Customer will also be liable for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in collection of the debt including but not exhaustively court fees, solicitor fees and time spent.
  • In some cases, the debt may be passed to a Third Party Debt Collection to whom all costs will be deferred.


  • All cancellation notices must be received in writing.
  • As deposits are non-refundable, each individual case will be taken on its own merit, however the company is not required to refund any payments.
  • Cancellation charges that will apply are as follows:
    • Less than 21 days before the commencement of the Hire Period - 100% of the hire price is required.
  • If the Supplier is unable to fulfil the supply of hire goods or services, due to Force Majeure. (reasons such as, but not limited to, fire, flood, terrorist activities, pandemic) the Customer assumes all responsibility for the incurred losses and needs to have the relevant insurance policies in place to cover such events. No refunds will be offered in line with these terms.

Risk & Damages

  • The Customer agrees that during the hire period the Hire Goods shall be kept in good repair and condition.
  • The Customer assumes all responsibilities & liabilities for the goods, from the moment the Customer signs for the goods. Liability remains with the customer for the duration of the hire until the goods are delivered back to Onkoi premises or until the Hire Goods have been collected by Onkoi/ Brookman Greene Ltd. Please note that if goods are collected after the tenancy of a building or temporary structure has expired, for whatever reason, the Customer is still liable for all goods and their relative condition, until they are collected by Onkoi.
  • Any packaging provided with Hire Goods should be stored by the customer during the event & returned with the Hire Goods. Any damaged or lost packaging (ie cardboard boxes, plastic storage boxes, canvas bags and bespoke cases, excluding bubble wrap) will be charged out from between £50 and £200 per storage item.
  • All Hire Goods to be returned clean and in good condition. (Other than items which have a mandatory cleaning charge added, where we prefer to clean the items ourselves)
  • Should the Customer not take the opportunity to check the condition and quantity of the Goods at the end of the Hire Period, the condition and quantity of the Goods will be checked solely by the Supplier and the notes and log of any damages/losses shall be binding on the Customer.
  • The Customer is only renting the goods and cannot sub hire them.
  • The Supplier recommends that the Customer takes out insurance cover for the Goods during the Hire Period, from the time of delivery/ client pick up to time of collection/client return to adequately cover themselves for the insurable value of the hire items with regard to public liability risks, theft and damage, force majeure.
  • The insurable value is listed on all quotes to the Customer. This is the replacement value of the goods, should the items be damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Any loss, breakages or damage to Hire Goods where possible will be repaired by Brookman Greene Ltd or a professional repair service and will be charged as a restoration cost (including where appropriate any depreciation in value)
  • The Customer is liable for the full replacement cost of the whole or any part of the Goods that are lost, stolen, or returned unclean, defective or damaged beyond repair during the Hire Period. We will invoice for costs for these repairs or replacements and excessive cleaning costs may be charged. Some Hire Goods such as soft furnishings have a mandatory 15% cleaning waiver added to cover cleaning costs.
  • The customer understands that the payment is not affected by any insurance claims made by the customer to its end client or venue in order to recover the funds to the Supplier. All damaged goods are to be paid within 14 days from Customer to Supplier at the replacement value price listed on the invoice and dispatch notes. Interest rates will apply at 8% above base rate for every week any outstanding amounts remain unsettled. (taken from the end hire date to cleared funds in the Suppliers account) The customer will not replace the goods themselves and agrees to the insurance and subsequent replacement value listed on the invoice and dispatch notes (irrespective of whether this document is signed or not)
  • In the event of lost/stolen or damaged Goods being returned at the end of the Hire Period, the Customer will additionally pay for any lost rental income suffered by the Supplier, subject to the supplier showing confirmation of any following orders to the customer.
  • The Customer must undertake all safety measures for Hire Goods in compliance with safety & fire regulations. It is essential health & safety practice to keep all items away from heat sources as flammable materials may have been used in the manufacture of Hire Goods.
  • Unless specifically detailed as an outdoor product, or agreed by Brookman Greene Ltd in advance, all Hire Goods are for indoor use only. Any items used outside are done so entirely at the Customer’s risk. If extreme weather is forecast during the Hire Period, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all hire goods are removed from outdoor spaces and kept safe and dry.
  • The Supplier reserves the right to make an additional charge in respect of any damage caused to the hire goods by damp, wet or general outdoor use.
  • All Hire Goods are 'used' & therefore they will show reasonable signs of wear & tear. If the Customer is unable to view the items in person, they must be aware that the colour and condition may differ from the images on the website. It is the Customer’s responsibility to inform Onkoi of any specific requirements regarding colour, condition and suitability for their project.
  • In the event of unavailability, Brookman Greene Ltd reserves the right to replace Hire Goods with a suitable substitute.
  • Brookman Greene Ltd cannot be held financially responsible for any expense incurred between the customer and the venue with regards to Hire Goods use or storage.
  • Please do not use candles directly on any of the Hire Goods. Removal of candle wax will be charged for.
  • When hiring Lanterns, The Customer will ensure that after use, all candles are blown out outside the lantern or with the use of a candle snuffer, to avoid molten wax on the inside of the glass. Any wax residue left on the glass of the lanterns will result in a £25 cleaning charge per lantern
  • When hiring lighting and other electrical equipment from the Supplier, it is the duty of the customer to find and source power sockets and locations. The Supplier does not bring extension leads (unless specifically detailed). Due to the differing power output in each room, or in a marquee situation, it is suggested that the customers’ preferred lighting supplier will source and distribute all power requirements to each area.
  • All our lighting is PAT tested to the legal requirements. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure the lighting is connected and secured in a safe way. For this reason, lighting is “dry hired” to the customer and the Supplier has no responsibility for the lighting once the hire period has commenced with the customer. (if a lighting and styling package has been secured with Brookman Greene Ltd, then their T&C’s will apply for the installation of lighting).
  • Light fittings come with all relevant light bulbs. They do not come with spares. The customer will advise the supplier if spares are required and they will be re-charged accordingly.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to cut plugs off of our lighting equipment in favour of alternative plug arrangements (such as 16amp or European connections) This will invalidate our PAT testing and any event insurances that the customer may have in place for this event. Items returned with alternative plugs will result in a £125 charge for the replacement of the plugs and a PAT test re-evaluation.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to stick any kind of vinyl, laminate, signage, branding, sticker, tape, blu tack, board, logo or any other adhesive item to any the Supplier’s furniture at any time. Doing so will result in the full replacement value of the item being charged to the Customer. Also please do not use nails, staples or similar directly onto any of the hire goods.  The Customer will be liable for any injury caused by leaving these fully or partially in situ.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to cut any of the stems of our faux flowers and greenery for display purposes (unless by prior arrangement with Onkoi/ Brookman Greene Ltd).
  • When hiring our fire-pits, please refer to the Fire-pit health and safety document attached below.
  • Onkoi/Brookman Greene Ltd shall not be responsible for any injury or damage to person or property arising from the use of the Hire Goods.
  • All Hire Goods are checked and regularly maintained. Due to the nature and age of the items hired you hire these at your own risk.
  • All Hire Goods have been tested and checked before delivery - however in the event of any uncertainty please contact our office before attempting use.
  • The Customer is responsible for the safe handling of all Hire Goods and associated equipment. Two people are required to carry tables, sofas and other heavy items. Please ask for further information if you are unsure about moving or carrying any Hire Goods.


Specific notes on Furniture Dimensions

  • Please note that unless a site visit has been completed by the Supplier, the Supplier cannot be responsible for any items not fitting through doorways, entranceways, loading bays and any other access point required in order to obtain entry into the venue.
  • Measurement of specifics items of furniture can be requested in advance by the customer if the customer has any concerns about access.
  • No refunds will be given as a result of not being able to gain access to the venue due to inadequate access.

Delivery and Collections Services by Onkoi

  • The Supplier will deliver and collect the Goods, where possible, in accordance with the Customer’s schedule and during working hours of 9am to 5.30pm. (unless otherwise specified) Delivery services are costed based on having easy access to a ground floor location, or floor level adjacent to the loading bay only. Deliveries or collections during unsocial hours (6pm - 8am) can be arranged. Please ask for fees if required.
  • The Customer will arrange for adequate access to the delivery / installation venue at an allotted time
  • The Customer will arrange for crew to assist with the install unless crew has been specifically requested (and charged for) by the supplier. We must know in advance if extra hands may be required and this is charged at a rate of £25 per hour per person. If we are not informed in advance, delivery may be refused if deemed unsafe or unsuitable or if adequate assistance is not in place due to Health & Safety regulations, based on the weight of some of the items of furniture and will be charged for in full. Please review the Hire Access document for more information.
  • Installation to a specific area is not included in the Suppliers quote unless specifically requested, (and charged for) by the Supplier, in advance. All goods will therefore be delivered together to a safe location on site.
  • We prefer to deliver to your venue prior to the date of the event to ensure Hire Goods arrive on time. If you wish us to deliver on the day of the event, then the Customer does so at their own risk. We have every measure in place to make sure Hire Goods arrive on time but cannot be liable for events outside of our control.
  • The Customer must provide a representative to meet the driver at delivery & collection, in order to confirm the condition of the Hire Goods and sign for the safe delivery. Any damage or shortfall must be agreed, noted on the contract and signed off by both parties. If the Customer or a representative of the Customer is not present for delivery or collection, our delivery/collection note is final.
  • Additional delivery charges may apply that are beyond our control. Such examples are congestion charges & environmental charges. The Customer is solely responsible for all parking tickets incurred as a result of inadequate access to the venue and for all car parking fees as a result of delayed timings into a venue space, loading bay or drop off point.
  • If the Suppliers’ drivers are waiting for more than 30 minutes to drop off, the customer will be charged £25 per person per hour wait time by the supplier to cover the drivers time onsite.
  • For the collection of the Hire goods, Onkoi will collect from one safe location on site and it is the Customer’s responsibility to gather the hire goods together to that location and where necessary ensure that they are boxed and stacked ready for collection.
  • Where goods have not been properly prepared for collection, and the Suppliers’ drivers are waiting for more than 30 minutes to load, the customer will be charged £25 per person per hour wait time by the supplier to cover the drivers time onsite.
  • The Customer must again arrange for adequate access for the collection.
  • The Customer will arrange for crew to assist with the collection of the hire goods, unless extra crew has been specifically requested (and charged for) by the Supplier. We must know in advance if extra hands may be required for the collection and this is charged at a rate of £25 per hour per person. If we are not informed in advance, collection may be refused if deemed unsafe or unsuitable or if adequate assistance is not in place due to Health & Safety regulations based on the weight of some of the items of furniture. In these situations, re-collection will be charged for in full. Please review the Hire Access document for more information.
  • If the Customer, by prior arrangement is collecting from Onkoi’s warehouse, either by Courier or Own Collection, your driver will need to quote the name of the Customer on arrival. Our team will help load the goods into the Customer’s/Courier’s vehicle and then provide a delivery note which will require a signature. The Customer is then fully responsible for the hire goods from the time the goods are collected and signed for to the time that they are back in the Suppliers’ possession.
  • When collecting in person the Customer must make sure that the Courier/driver has an appropriate vehicle and take full responsibility for the safe handling of the hire goods including heavy and large items. Brookman Greene Ltd reserves the right to not load if we feel the vehicle is unsuitable to transport the hire goods safely.
  • All collections and deliveries made by the Customer to/from the Suppliers premises, must be made Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5.00pm. To allow sufficient time for loading or unloading, we require transport to arrive no later than 4.30pm. Please let our team know what time we can expect you/your driver/courier on both collection and delivery dates.
  • Hire Goods to be collected from the Suppliers premises are not packaged on a pallet and are only wrapped or packaged if appropriate (eg small or fragile items). We require the Customer (and their drivers/courier companies) to provide blankets and ties so Hire Goods can be secured to prevent damage during transit.
  • The Customer is responsible for discussions with their nominated courier or driver regarding any access restrictions and any assistance required for unloading/loading.
  • Please do not leave Hire Goods unattended outside our warehouses at any time. Lost or stolen items will be charged at full replacement value.
  • If the hire goods are to be transported onwards from the Customer’s premises to a third party, the Customer is fully responsible for the hire goods from the time the items are delivered into the Customer’s possession. It is the responsibility of the Customer to pack the hire goods into their vehicle with extreme care and to check the hire goods at pick up and drop off.  Damages caused in transit by the Customer are re-charged at replacement value.  A security deposit will be taken.


Limitations of Liability

  • The Supplier accepts no liability in respect of
    • damage or loss suffered by the Customer or any guest or invitee of the Customer
    • The use or operation of the Goods during the Hire Period

Firepit Document

  • Place in position on stand

  • Place small stone over hole in bottom of fire-pit

  • Cover the base of fire-pit and halfway up the sides with sharp sand (supplied) to protect metal from heat

  • Put firelighters directly onto the sand in the centre of fire-pit

  • Build pyramid of kindling wood around firelighters

  • Place 2 or 3 logs around the kindling wood

  • Light the firelighters

  • Place more logs on, 2 or 3 at a time until it is burning as you require




  • Fire-pits hired from Brookman Greene Ltd are very high quality, constructed of strong steel and should always be lined with sand to prevent heat transfer to the outside of the fire-pit.

  • Place your fire-pit in a flat, open area. Avoid areas with trees, especially trees with low-hanging branches. Do not place a fire pit on a slope.

  • If placing seating to surround the fire-pit, ensure the seats are at least 1.2 metres away from the fire-pit for fire safety and positioned well for enjoyment without danger.

    As with any fire situation, there are many safety measurements that can ensure you and yours remain safe. The following safety protocols should be followed in fire-pit safety:

  • Always have a fire extinguisher handy.

  • Keep a first aid kit nearby for any accidental burns.

  • Put out the fire completely before leaving the pit unattended or before finishing the evening. Even the smallest fire can become a large fire quickly, so embers should be completely extinguished.

  • If a fire warning is implemented in your area, do not burn. The dry conditions in the area could influence rampant forest or brush fires based on a single ember or spark.

    West Kington, Chippenham, Wilts. SN14 7JJ
    T: 01249 782906 M: 07810 652714

  • info@brookmangreene.co.uk

  • www.brookmangreene.co.uk

  • Company Registration No.11939945

  • VAT No.321 8168 17

  • Never allow a child to start a fire or to play near the fire. Children should always be closely supervised around a fire-pit.

  • Always use dry wood and kindling to light your fire. Never use accelerants, garbage, or garden clippings to light a fire. Also, never throw any materials besides seasoned woods onto your fire.

    Fire-pits have become popular because they offer many evenings of free or low cost entertainment. Though popular, fire-pits can be dangerous if not properly used. So, follow the above fire-pit safety techniques to make your fire-pit evenings as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Access Document

Delivery Point (eg, front, side, back entrance):           


Are there any restrictions to access (our vehicles are up to 12 tonnes) - eg, parking, weight, height, width, accessibility times, cobbles/gravel driveways:


How close to the entrance is it possible to park?:


Are there steps at the entrance? (If yes, please give approximate no):        


Please confirm the exact room/location on site for delivery of equipment, providing directions to this location within the building/on site:


Which floor are we delivering to?:


Is there a lift?  Passenger or goods?:


Are there stairs involved? (if yes, please give approximate no):


Are there any dogs or other animals on site? (If yes, please specify):


Any other special delivery instructions:         


Is there tracking provided for access to marquees? (Only complete if applicable):


Name of Site Contact:


Site Contact Telephone No: