• The tent looked incredible with all the decorations done so beautifully from the ivy and lights wrapped around every beam to the Moroccan themed seating area. I literally could not believe my eyes. It was so incredible!


  • Your contribution to the evening was incredible, from organising the beautiful masks to arranging the cool lighting with the hundreds of tea lights. And the Firepits – we LOVED them so much!! 

    John and Emma

  • The Yurt looked so welcoming and beautiful with your lovely additions which we so appreciated. The cosy firepits, the twinkly lights and gorgeous table decorations. Everything was done without fuss and bother. Thank you for your care and attention.

    Trevor and Polly

  • Everything looked really lovely and especially the absolutely fantastic Venetian masks that your team made. They looked so cool and have come out really well in the photos! You did such a great job of painting them too. Thanks so much for those!